Liked Games

Does the search for happiness ever end?
A demo of Penny's route in the work in progress yuri visual novel My Sweet Daruma
The Stargazers squadron! Their mission? Venture deep into uncharted space and explore the hell out of it!
A gloomy romance starring genderswapped 19th century poets.
'Our Home.' follows a girl who must choose between following her dreams or saving her family.
[Updated 5/11/2015] Light Sci-fi, Lesbian Romance Visual Novel
A game for yuri jam 2016 about love, games, and tacos.
Follow Sachika as she attempts to get her feelings across to the boy of her dreams
A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it.
A short Yuri visual novel featuring Hana, a delinquent who has a crush on a girl she sees on the train every day.